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    Consumer Proposal


    A consumer proposal is an alternate solution to bankruptcy, and it may be the right solution for you!

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    Protect your RRSPs!


    You have made so much effort to put money aside for your retirment that you hope will be most comfortable. We can assess your situation and protect your RRSPs.

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    Starting Over!


    Declaring bankruptcy is the beginning of a new financial life. It feels good to be given a second chance. 

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    Rebuild Your Credit!

    It is possible to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. It all depends on your capacity to control your credit card balances and payments.


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    Set Your Creditors Straight!


    What choices do you have and how should you deal with collection agencies?

With over 65 years of experience...

Licensed Insolvency Trustees

Filing for bankruptcy has become one of the most popular yet terrifying thoughts in economically challenged homes. Most people are nervous about the process and about what will become of their belongings and their reputation.

The oldest misconception is that if you go bankrupt someone will come to your home to take all of your personal possessions. Every province in Canada has basic exemptions for assets that are exempt from seizure, meaning you won’t lose them if you go bankrupt. It is possible, under certain circumstances, to keep your car, your retirement savings and even your home.

Most people falsely believe that after bankruptcy you will never get credit again and that you will need to wait seven years to regain your credit rating. It is true that the bankruptcy will be on your credit report for at least six years after your discharge. If you are contemplating the idea, then your credit may already be less than perfect. The idea behind bankruptcy is to give you the chance to start anew. One of our licensed insolvency trustees can show you some practical ways to quickly rebuild your credit so you can be eligible for future mortgages and loans within a few years of discharge.

For couples with financial difficulties, the main concern is how bankruptcy will affect their spouse. Any shared debts for which a spouse is a co-signer will not be eliminated and will therefore be subject to repayment. Only debts in your name only will be eliminated and your decision to file for bankruptcy will not affect your spouse’s credit report.

Many people decide against bankruptcy for fear that they won’t be able to leave the country or may go to jail. This idea is mainly a fabrication on the part of the collection agencies with their overly aggressive tactics to scare people into paying them. Remember that borrowing money is not a crime. If you borrowed money with the intention of repaying it and later became unable to follow through, a proactive attitude about getting out of debt would only ensure your rights as an honest citizen. Your passport or citizenship will contain no record of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is obviously not the preferred option. The thought naturally causes most people to disregard this option due to misinformation or lack thereof.

By researching all your options and addressing your issues, you can become free of debt and any stress resulting from your financial instability.

Licensed insolvency trustees all received the same training and are regulated by the government to ensure standardization of fees. Choosing a licensed insolvency trustees should be based on receiving proper advice and compassion. With over 60 years of experience, the Druker & Associates team will show you what sets them apart in what may very well be the most important financial decision of your life.

Contact a Druker & Associates licensed insolvency trustees today for a free, NO OBLIGATION INITIAL consultation and find the answers you need to wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start!

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Even Famous People Go Bankrupt!

“You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”  Walt Disney, Entrepreneur and Dreamer

What consumers have to say

about their cooperation with us:

I never thought that I would ever need anyone’s help managing my debt…but after making a fatal decision to buy real estate bonds in 2007, I changed my mind. This firm’s consultants helped me to recover my finances and achieve a steady growth once more!

- Guy Richie

I didn't know what a consumer proposal was but I learned fast. Got myself out of deep debt and high interest payments!

- Lenny Stevens


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